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A few more pictures of Jack Russell Puppies and Adult Dogs Raised Here. 

 Snow Angel X Capt. Hook male-  Smooth coat;  Sold and going to Pensburg, PA.

 Snow Angel X Capt. Hook male-  Smooth coat;  Sold and going to Barto, PA.

Honey Bun X Wallace male-  Smooth coat;  "Sherby" is going to Thomasville, NC to live with his brother "Herby".

Honey Bun X Wallace female-  Smooth coat;  Sold and going to Memphis, TN.

 Thelma X Gus, Jr.-  Female;  rough coat; "Snuggles" is sold and going to live with her brother Howie in Birmingham, Al.

Katherine X Guinness-  Female;  "Claudette Frances" is sold and going to Pawley's Island, SC.

 Thelma X Gus, Jr.-  Male;  Rough Coat; Very sweet puppy;  "Hootie" is sold and going to St. Simons Island, GA.

 Thelma X Gus, Jr.-  Female;  rough coat;  Petite and perfect;   "Rita Mae" is sold and going to Charlotte, NC.

 Miss Muffett X Chico-  Female;  Soft, full rough coat;  "Little Missy"  is sold and going to Easley, SC.

Little Miss Muffett, small, sweet, and beautiful,  is now the mother of her second litter of puppies.  We are very proud of her!  Congratulations, Missy!

 Thelma X T-Bone-  Female smooth coat;  Gorgeous has a slight overbite which does not bother her.  Sold and going to Lavonia, GA.

Thelma X T-Bone-  Male;  "Sir William" is sold and going to live with Lee in Philadelphia, PA.    

Teddy Roosevelt - Jack Russell Terrier

Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.  His pleasing personality and love for people is outstanding.  Teddy is crate trained and leash trained.  He is almost 2 years old and has been neutered.  Teddy wants to please everyone.  Sold and going to Southern Pines, NC

Adult Jack Russell for Sale

Isabelle Is a lovely one year old, longer legged female.  Her mother Peanut is a daughter of  Spud and Gracie.  Isabelle is a very sweet Jack Russell Terrier who will get along well with other dogs and children.  She has a short rough coat that lays smooth to her frame and a few longer hairs around her muzzle.  Anyone would be proud to have Isabelle in their company!   Going to Mitchell, GA.


Bowser is a Jack Russell that anyone would be happy to own.  He's quiet and calm, very content to play with his toys.  Bowser is the neutered son of Haley--  born on September 14, 2008.  He is small, yet well built.  Bowser is crate trained and goes on a leash in the company of other dogs.  Bowser is going to Dayton, Ohio to live with Jeff.

 General Pershing

Pershing's great-grandmother is Pringle.  That says it all--  good looks and personality galore!  Pershing is the neutered son of Miss Oakley and Gus, Jr.  He is pleasing to be around and is crate trained and working on his leash training.  Pershing will be a year old on July 3, 2009.  He's just the right age to become someone's best friend.  He comes with all shots and worming so no immediate trips to the vet!  Pershing is sold and  going to San Jose, CA.


Chloe was born to Annie and Sparky in the fall of 2008.  She is small and very muscular--   and ready for her new home.  Chloe is a Jack Russell Terrier who gets along well with other dogs and especially people.  She would make a wonderful only dog or a companion dog for others.  Chloe is sold and going to Columbia, SC. 

 General Pickett

Pickett is as handsome a Jack Russell Terrier as you will ever find!  Born on July 3, 2008, he is the neutered son of Miss Oakley and Gus, Jr.  Pickett also has the distinction of being the great-grandson of Pringle.  He is crate trained and is working on his leash training.  He loves people and other dogs and would do well in any situation.  Pickett is sold and living with the Wilson's in Clover, SC.


Tula is a very lovely Jack Russell female.  Although she is active, she is also a very affectionate dog.  Tula was born on 6/4/2008 to Miss Oakley and Gus, Jr.  She gets her super looks from her great-grandmother, Pringle.  Tula would do well in any situation and is a dog you'd be proud to own.  Tula is sold and going to Kent, Washington.

Ginger Snap
Ginger's small stature is delightful--  Her love for her people is outstanding!  This three year old Jack Russell female is loving and kind, a joy to have around.  Ginger is the daughter of Prissy and Spud, taking her great personality from each parent!  Sold and going to Greer, SC.



Jack Russell Dog for Sale

Pockets, son of Annie and Sparky, is a very handsome and husky young male.  With his pleasing personality, he will make someone a wonderful pet.  Would be fine as an only pet in a large family or as a pet for a small family with another dog.  Born on June 1, 2007, he has many years ahead of him and is ready to learn.  Pockets has been neutered and has had all shots.  Pockets is living with the May family in Aiken, SC.

Fuzz Buster
"Fuzzy" is the son of Pringle and Spud.  Three years old;  Neutered;  Old English silken coat;  Good natured Jack Russell Shortie;  Crate trained and leash trained; Stands 10 1/2 inches tall and weighs 12 pounds;  Nice farm dog and companion; Gets along well with other dogs.  "Fuzzy" is the cutest dog we have on the farm.  Happy 79th Birthday, Mr. Smith in Anniston, Alabama.  Your children love you and so will Fuzzy!   

Tater Tot 
A beautiful Jack Russell Terrier;  Spayed;  Three years old;  Very playful --  loves to play ball and to swim;  11 inches tall;  13 pounds;  Inside/outside; Crate and leash trained;  Prefers to be with a male dog friend or just single. Sold to Reverend Ed from Abbeville, SC 

Jack Russell Terrier for Sale

Elvis is a cool dog.  He's cute, loving, and kind to other dogs and people.  Born on April 26, 2007, Elvis is a young neutered male who will make anyone proud to be his owner.  He's extremely intelligent and could excel in obedience and agility with a few lessons.  Going to live in Clover, SC.

Mary Agnes - Female Jack Russell for Sale

Mary Agnes
The daughter of Ruffles and St. Hubert, Mary Agnes is very dedicated to people.  If you don't notice her, she stands on her back legs and waves her "arms" together to get your attention.  Though technically a rough coat Jack Russell... Mary Agnes is extremely soft and fluffy. She is very small, with a pleasing disposition and would get along well in most any situation.  At 2 years old, she is priced at $700.  Must be spayedSold and going to live with her half-brother Hank in Danville, California!   

Jack Russell Terrier for Sale

Iddy Biddy
Iddy Biddy is the daughter of Spud and grandaughter of Prissy.  She has had 3 litters, all c-sections.  In her best interest, she has been spayed and is ready to go to her forever home with people to love and amuse.  She is crate trained and would get along in any living arrangement.  Biddy is very small and very pretty, with beautiful  face.  Sold and going to Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Lucy Brown - Jack Russell

Lucy Brown
Lucy is the daughter of Ginger Snap and Saint Hubert.  Lucy stands only 10 inches tall and weighs 9 pounds--  a perfect dog for travel.  Lucy is an energetic Jack Russell with a short rough coat.  She is kind to other dogs and loving to her people.  She will be a good companion dog for all.  Spayed.  Lucy now sleeps with Joe and Elaine in Aiken, SC.

Regal Rascal
ater Tot and Guinness' daughter;  Retiring at two years old;  Spayed;  Crate trained and leash trained;  Inside/Outside; Stands 11 1/2 inches tall and weighs 12 pounds;  Good companion dog for people or another dog;  Beautiful!  Sold and going to live with little miss Willoughby, age 7, in Wilmington, NC!

Red Lightnin'
A lovely Jack Russell male;  Very obedient;  Neutered;  One year old;  Good disposition;  Stands 11 1/2 inches tall and weighs 14 pounds;  Nice dog for a family or single person.  Gets along well with both larger and smaller dogs; $450.  Lightnin' rides on his new owner's four-wheeler!  Sold and going with Kevin and Kathy to Knoxville, TN.

Adult Jack Russell for Sale

Taffy is a beautiful young female JRT who gets along well with all other dogs.  Although she can be a little shy, she loves people and is ready for her new home.  Sold and going to Union, SC.

This Jack Russell Terrier stands 15 inches tall and weighs 22 pounds!  Albert is almost a year old and has been neutered. Playful and puppy-like, he will make some family a very nice young dog to enjoy for a long time.  Albert is loving and kind, getting along well with other dogs regardless of size.  $450.  Albert sleeps on the foot of his new owner's bed! Sold and living in Aiken, SC.

Chocolate Chip is a wonderful young dog who has been neutered and is ready for his forever home.  Born in March of 2007, Chip stands 10 1/2 inches tall and weighs 13 pounds.  This very attractive Jack Russell Terrier loves people and other dogs.  With his cheerful nature and energy, he will make an excellent pet for a family or a single.  Sold and going to live in Callahan, Florida.

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