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If we are outside playing with the puppies, leave us a message .
(803) 641-9533
for our home machine or (803) 640-0007
for our cell.

 Penny X Capt. Hook-  Female; Smooth coat;  "Pumpkin" is sold and going to Sumter, SC.

Penny X Capt. Hook-  Female;  Smooth coat;  "Paulette" is $700. 

Penny X Capt. Hook-  Female;  Smooth Coat;  "Sonya"  is sold and living in Couchton, SC. 

Penny X Capt. Hook-  Female;  Smooth coat;  "Samantha" is $700. 

Jack Russell Puppy

Laughter X Spotty-  Female;  Smooth coat;  "Susie Q" is sold and going to Columbia, SC.

Jack Russell Terrier

Susannah X Roosevelt-  Male;  Smooth Coat;  Neutered and ready to go.  "Leroy" is $650.

 Thelma X George-  Male;  Smooth Coat;  Very handsome and calm;  "Tisdale" is $650.

Thelma X George-  Male;  Smooth Coat; Longer legged;  "Trudeau" is $650. 

 Thelma X George-  Female;  Smooth Coat;  "Tabitha" is living in Columbia, SC.

Thelma X George-  Female;  Smooth Coat;  "Tallulah" is sold and living in Aiken, SC.

Miss Oakley X Gus, Jr.-  Male;  Rough Coat; Gator is sold. 

Miss Oakley X Gus, Jr.-  Male;  Rough Coat;  "Gambler" is sold and going to live on the Pamlico Sound. 

Cleo X  Hubert-  Male;  Short rough coat;  Very beautiful puppy;  Slightly longer legs;  "Christopher" is sold and going to Tarpon Springs, FL.

Madeline X Hubert-  Male;  Rough coat;  Leash trained; Just over a year old;  Longer legs;  "Pence"  is $750.

Pringle X Gus, Jr.-  Male;  rough coat;  "Chaps" is $850.

Cocoa X Gus, Jr.-  Male;  Rough coat;  "Z-Man" is sold and going to the Outer Banks.. 

 Halo X T-Bone-  Male;  short-rough coat; Little over 2 years old;  Very happy;  "I like to dance";  "Wallace" is $700. 

Halo X T-Bone-  Male;  Very small and cute;  "Hot Rod" is sold and going to Southport, NC.

Sparkle X Gus, Jr.-  Female;  Smooth coat;  "Dumplin'" is sold and going to Parris Island, SC. 

 Madeline X Hubert-  Male;  Short rough coat;  Goes on Leash;  Little over a year old;  "Mocha"  is $750.

 Mary Bella X Willis-  Female;  Rough coat;  "Clinique" is sold and going to Oklahoma..

Our "Beauty Queens" take a ride in their convertible!  Clinique, Mary Kay,  and Avon enjoy the wind in their fur... 


Our Jack Russell puppy prices are:

Males- $650.00 and up
Females- $650.00 and up

If airline shipping is involved, Jack Russells of South Carolina is prepared to assist you in linking up with your new puppy. Current additional expenses incurred for shipping may include:

Crate for small puppy $30  
 Crate for young adult $50  
Veterinary travel certificate $50  
 International Health Certificate $100  
Airfare to most U.S. destinations $250  

We will gladly hold a puppy for you with a $200 deposit. 
Payment can be made through Paypal  (with a 3% surcharge), Western Union, or certified check.

We have terrier puppies throughout the year.  Puppies are allowed to leave by car, or hand delivery air,  if they are weaned and eating well at six weeks of age. 

We are prepared to ship to most destinations.  Domestic airline regulations require puppies to have a vet certificate to travel and be 8 weeks to fly;  however, if flying with our new  hand delivery service, the vet certificate is not necessary because the animal will be in the cabin of the plane with a handler.

We ship internationally;  however some extra time and extra expenses will be involved with shipping overseas.  Airlines require an international health certificate ($100).   Many countries also require the puppy to be old enough for its rabies shot (16 weeks), have an international micro-chip, and also have an import permit  and veterinary inspection upon arrival in its new country. 

Be sure to check out our older dogs and young adults which have been spayed or neutered.  They are wonderful companions for people and other dogs.

If you are planning to purchase a dog or puppy for delivery at a later date (longer than 10 days), we will hold it for you if the purchase price is pre-paid;  Please add $5.00 a day for boarding and care until your travel arrangements are complete. 

Don't forget to call us if you have a certain look in mind.  There is a good chance we have it, or will have it, or will know where to get it!  (803) 641-9533


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